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In the year 1977, Nima was born under the names Omid Mohammad Nadaf Farsoudeh in Iran/Rasht. He visited the primary school in Iran and then is while the Iran - emigrated Iraq of war from the Iran to Germany/Hamburg in the year 1988 with his family. In Germany, his passion began to the film. After the conclusion in the modern secondary school, he applied arts Hamburg, in area of the drama, itself for the college for form. In the year 1999 after the cancellation, he wanted to increase his performances and made his compartment-high school diploma in the area for economy. In the year 2000, his film-career and he began functioned as a trainee "Alphateam" and "St Angela" behind the scenery near Sat 1 in the series. Miscellaneous activities in the reception-management followed with TV and film-productions of the ARD and ZDF. After long-time experience, he succeeded with the jump into the cinema-film-production in 2004. Among other things with cinema-films like "En guard", "The Ringfinger", "Nichts als Gespenster", "Fleisch ist mein Gemüse" and "Sommer".

Beside the practical activity, he applied for applied sciences at the college - HAW and began a study media-technology in the year 2004 in the area. During his study, he realized several shorts as an author, director and producer. Consequently, the short "Zerstörtes Leben" was created 2005 something the topic child-abuse comprises. Nima wrote the script, financed the project and moreover still led the direction. He gave a name, "Pers Imperium Pictures" (Pers Empire Pictures), to his production. in 2006, the short "Hart auf Hart" was created his topic prostitution, human-trade and emigration. The short ran at several short-festival throughout Europe and was vowed by the spectators and the critics.

In the year 2007 of realizing he two music-videos in big form for an Oriental singer. Nima led direction, production, on that occasion and wrote also the script. The videos were radiated by Arabic music-stations and quoted the Charts. For the same singer realized Nima 2008 two further music-videos this even more successful than the two ones became before. His production-company Pers Imperium Pictures (Pers Empire Pictures) now was consolidated. He took part continuously in foreign-projects and still realized own film-ideas. He collected his direction-experiences more through numerous film-projects with miscellaneous film-directors like Christian Görlitz, Thomas Bohn, Paul W. S. Anderson and many more.